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The online congregational assessment is a tool for discovering your congregation’s risk for political and cultural polarization. Grounded in scripture and social science insights, your congregational assessment is based on six transformational habits that can help you respond when political disagreement raises the temperature

“Our goal is to combine timeless insights from scripture with research and wisdom from social science related to conflict resolution. The finished product is an assessment tool that helps you understand the challenges from our current political and cultural environment and how to respond.”


— Dr. Matt Cook Director of the Center for Healthy Churches

What does the R12 Risk Assessment reveal?

This is a risk assessment, not a conflict assessment. Having room for growth in the six habits doesn't necessarily mean major conflict exists within your congregation.

Responding proactively to your report is crucial. We can assist you in lovingly addressing differences, especially amid increasing polarization in American political culture.

R12 promotes a way of relating and treating those with whom we disagree as neighbors to love (even if we disagree with those neighbors) rather than enemies to defeat.

How The Assessment Works

Who Should Take the Assessment?

If you think your congregation might be experiencing some of the adverse effects of our toxic political culture, this assessment is for you and your church.  The risk assessment is designed to assess your congregation as a whole. Additionally, each individual who completes the assessment will be provided with a score to help them understand how polarization is affecting them personally.

How Much Does the R12 Assessment Cost?

The assessment costs $299.00.  That cost includes all of the individual assessments, the congregational assessment, and a report providing detailed information about the particular risks confronting your congregation regarding polarization.  That cost also includes an ONE hour-long consultation with a member of our team who will walk you through your congregation’s report, help interpret the results, and help you determine ways that you can communicate and act on the results.

Key Takeaways from the Assessment
  • A customized report that summarizes the six habits for transforming polarization with an assessment of how your congregation is modeling each practice.
  • A detailed list of your congregation’s strengths and areas for improvement. 
  • Suggestions for ways your congregation can take steps to cultivate each habit.
  • Instructions on how to share your congregation’s results in ways that foster communication and build trust. 
Additional Questions

Still have questions?  Everything you need to know about the R12 Assessment is covered in our frequently asked questions DOWNLOAD.  Also, if you know you’re ready to take the assessment, look at our process guide on next steps and best practices for using this vital tool in your congregation.

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Church Polarization Risks & the R12 Assessment Tools

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